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Discipleship is helping people engage in a life of love and obedience to our heavenly Father. The books and resources we have selected help us to tell the stories in the Scriptures to people of different demographics, languages and learning styles. Let us know of other disciple making resources that you think we should add to this list.

God and Man

God and Man

God and Man is a chronological Bible teaching course that takes you from Creation through the resurrection of Christ in 27 lessons. The lessons are in easy English, and follow an outline that emphasizes teaching the Bible stories in a way that brings out the character of God the Father in each story.

The lessons help the teachers prepare the lessons by first studying key passages of scripture, then practicing telling the story so the key points are clearly communicated. The outline is clear and trusts the teacher to use his own words and scripture translation to bring the Bible stories to life.

This book was written as a series of lessons by Dell and Sure Schultze for training national pastors and teachers in the Philippines and has been used with great success. The impact of this book has extended around the world, many Christian workers have used this book as a guide in lesson development, especially when teaching oral learners. The storytelling approach to presenting the gospel is very impactful when the outline is carefully followed.

This approach to teaching relies on the man of God, the Holy Spirit and the Word of God, so it is very powerful. Instead of a curriculum, the teacher has to spend a lot of time studying the Scripture, so the story is in his heart and mind. Each teacher will tell the story from the Scripture, but then again in their own words. This can be far more impactful than using a curriculum, as it requires the teacher to truly be authentic and into the message. It also allows and encourages the teacher to teach from his heart language, making it highly transferable, no time is lost in waiting for lessons to be translated and formatted.

There are only 27 lessons, but that does not necessary mean you have to teaching 27 times. You can adapt the length of the lessons and the pace according to your students.

One missionary told me that he had been using the Firm Foundations 52 lessons, but he was working with nomadic people and could not get them to stay in one place long enough to go through the whole series. When he discovered God & Man, he adapted his approach to teaching and the Lord blessed them with a harvest of souls!

The point is, use the best tool you can get for the situation you are in. Learn from others. Like parenting, never give up, keeping praying and investing, trying new ways to get the message across. The goal is to see each student discover what it means to  ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind’; and, ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’   Luke 10:27

God and Man was out of print for many years and is now available on Amazon. 

The Most Amazing Story

The Most Amazing Story is a children’s curriculum containing easy-to-read Bible lessons that move from Genesis through the four Gospels. Basic biblical worldviews are incorporated into each lesson. Ideal for moms, homeschoolers, or classroom settings!

Years in the making, the second edition of The Most Amazing Story has 80 complete Bible lessons that are designed to communicate! This all-in-one 586 page volume, gives you everything you need to biblically educate your future world-changers.

The complete easy-to-read stories enable the instructor, whether parent or teacher, to enjoy the unfolding biblical story with his or her audience. Designed with you, the busy communicator in mind, your stress is over. Without excessive prep-time, The Most Amazing Story has proven to be effective in homeschool, Christian school, and Sunday school settings. Packed with quality artwork that is photo-copy ready, your students will use their imagination to bring the lessons to life.

Since each lesson has a complete set of review questions and accompanying activities, you have a comprehensive lesson plan that is certain to make you effective. Do your students differ widely in age? Not a problem. Since these materials easily communicate to varying age levels, your listeners can all learn together! Just grab the book and read and in virtually no time at all, you will find yourself instilling a holistic biblical worldview that will eternally impact your learners.

Above all, in a day of competing philosophies, The Most Amazing Story will support your efforts to provide your listeners with a complete biblical worldview that will prepare them to stand firm against the philosophies of today’s culture.

The Bible Taproot

“If we want to make disciples that stand the storms of life, the tests of the enemy of our souls, and still continue to bear fruit for many generations, they need to have a strong Biblical taproot!” 

The Bible Taproot is short book on the history of chronological Bible teaching, written by my friend Dr Ed Skowron. He takes a look at the early days of this teaching method being developed by NTM missionaries in the Philippines, to how it has developed into one of the most powerful and impactful teaching methods used in outreach around the world. Chronological teaching unfolds the foundations of the faith by revealing how God the Father is the true focus of each story in Scripture, whether front and center or behind the scenes. The unfolding drama of redemption is told as we follow the Timeline of history, leading up to the fulfillment of His great plan in the person and work of Jesus Christ. Chronological teaching has led to the birth of the Storytelling movement, the International Orality Network and perhaps the Gospel Project. There are so many great resources available now that present the Bible as one main story about the God who made us, who loves us and wants to have fellowship with us, both now and for all eternity. 

His Story

God has told His Story in the Bible. It is the story of his great rescue effort that began thousands of years ago and is still going on today. All of us wonder what God is really like.

Thankfully, although we can’t see him, we can know him from the things he has done and said. Many events in which he has been the pivotal figure, whether appearing on center stage or operating behind the scenes, have been recorded in the Bible.

These events clearly illustrate who he really is, what he has done and what he is saying to us today. His Story: The Rescue, presents a panoramic overview of the Biblical narrative, as it tells of his great rescue effort that began thousands of years ago and continues today.

His Story is presented in easy English with definitions provided for any challenging words or terms. The 22 sessions with discussion questions are designed to be used in Bible studies, English classes, or study groups, or can also be used by individuals wanting to understand God’s Word for themselves.

Building on Firm Foundations

The Building on Firm Foundations (BOFF) series is an extensive teaching program which helps equip leaders and disciple-makers to teach God’s Word. Developed especially with cross-cultural evangelism in a church planting context in mind, the Building on Firm Foundations lessons have been used in over 250 people groups with exceptional results.

God has progressively revealed Himself within the context and framework of history. Therefore, it can be said that the best way to teach Truth in any culture is within the chronological and historical framework of the Scriptures. Trevor McIlwain describes the principles he’s learnt teaching the Bible chronologically and shares many examples of others who have done the same. This first volume lays out the biblical basis for the Building on Firm Foundations teaching program which is presented in subsequent volumes.


God ‘s Promise

Our friends Ken and Cindy West have written an excellent book for chronological taching and dicipleship! This book was written as a result of some Bible studies they taught while living in Jakarta, Indonesia. They have done an amazing job of taking people on a journey from Genesis through the Ascension, showing the Father heart of God through the story of human history recorded in the Bible.

This book draws you in and makes you hungry to learn more about this God who made us, who loves us, who wants to have fellowship with us. For those who want to dig deeper, there is a wealth of interesting and important information to support each of the 15 lessons in the back of the book.

It is great book for discipleship, outreach courses or just to give to someone interested in spiritual things. You can get copies of God’s Promise on

Here is an excerpt that will show you the tone of the study:


There they were, just the two of them, all alone. They were right where they had always been—surrounded by nature. Although the nature around them was teeming with life, they were more alone than they had ever been. At least that’s how it felt to them for the first time—ever. He was beside her and she was beside him, but each of them felt dreadful loneliness.

Another presence came. Their sharp minds and vivid memory recognized the other. But it was not like before. He was present with them, yet they still felt alone, filled with fear and shame.

It was the presence of the Divine One, their Creator. Before this, they had enjoyed Him and His presence. Now they unsuccessfully tried to hide themselves from Him. How could they enjoy Him now? They could not shake that fear and shame. It continued to control them.

Suddenly there was a new sound. It was the sound of grace—He called them! They did not respond as they always had. Now their response was filled with denial and rejection, more fear and shame. Patiently and lovingly, He continued the dialogue, eventually stating both the curse and the blessing that would come in response to their sin. Amazing grace!

Very early in the record of His communication with mankind, the Divine One made a remarkable Promise. So remarkable was this Promise that those who heard it believed it and lived accordingly. They were looking for the immediate fulfillment of His Promise.

The further removed from the Promise, the less remembered it was. The events of life took precedence. There were always some who believed the Divine Promise, but as generations passed, more and more people disregarded the Promise and lived as if there were no Promise at all.

In fact, the Promise and the fulfillment of the Promise take center stage in all the history of mankind. The story of God’s Promise has been written in and through the lives of people like you and me. Yet to be completed is the ultimate fulfillment of the Divine Promise. Then the world will have finished its course and mankind will have reached his destination.

This is the story of God’s Promise … 

The King of Glory

A friend of mine was camping with his kids and was shocked when their young son engaged in a deep discussion on theology. He asked, Where have you learned all of this?” The boy answered, “We have been watching the King of Glory videos!” The stories are told in such a way that God is the hero, the focus of each story. His plans, his promises, his love, judgement and mercy are all brought to life in his relationships with man.

This book and video takes you on an amazing journey through the scriptures, from eternity past to eternity future, focusing on the character of God as you go through the Bible stories from Genesis to Revelation. It is truly one of the best chronological resources for children, but really, for people of all ages.

The King of Glory curriculum comes in video, book, workbook and a coloring book, so there are plenty of ways to present the message to your students. It can be watched for entertainment, or used as a school or Sunday school curriculum with a workbook and questions for each lesson. The book has 70 beautiful illustrations and has been translated into many languages. The King of Glory video has also been translated and is available online in many languages, reaching people all around the world.

ROCK International has a number of great chronological resources for outreach and discipleship. The ministry was started by Paul Bramsen, who wrote 100 fifteen minutes lessons to broadcast in the Wolof language in West Africa. These lessons have been packaged into a book called The Way of Righteousness, but we will feature that another time.



Interlocked is a Bible study integrating the Genesis-to-Revelation narrative, doctrine and apologetics for believers to live as thriving disciples of Christ. The curriculum can be used for individual, family or small group study.

Interlocked has one overview session and 55 lessons for a total of 56 lessons covering Genesis to Revelation. A study session is about 120 minutes and the total course averages 120 hours which can be done over a year. Six “Faith in Action” reviews (about 180 minutes each) are built into the curriculum. These group discussions train participants to use the biblical framework to answer their own questions and how to respond to challenges.

Interlocked has three key features:

Bible Narrative: The lessons cover the major events in the Bible from Genesis to Revelation and tie them all together as a single narrative, showing God’s sovereignty and plan for world history.

Doctrine: As the lessons go through biblical history, participants study the truths of each major event. Students will see that the truths interlock together to build a comprehensive biblical framework to understand God’s character and the world from His perspective.

Apologetics: In each lesson, students examine hard questions that often shipwreck a believer’s faith. Participants learn how to use the biblical framework of truth to respond to the non-biblical worldview so believers can stay grounded in their faith.

Visit the Interlocked website to download the lessons.

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